Sunday, March 29, 2015

Assisting the Winged Ones!!!

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of hearing from two lovely families who took the lead and helping our winged brothers who were in distress and in need of help. These experiences were valuable lessons and teachings that were passed on to their children.  It is with great joy and gratitude that I share these two stories from the mothers who emailed and shared them with me. And, now, I wish to share them with you! 

Florida story:  My husband and I witnessed an
assault on a Sea Gull at the beach. It was an eye-opening experience that my WHOLE family learned from!!!!! 

At first my kids and husband were horrified that I was screaming at a family on the beach (my fire could NOT be contained) ….then they came to understand that we need to speak up - even scream if we have to for the ones that can't speak for themselves.

My two children were horrified, but also learned that, even if you didn't commit a crime, you are still responsible for the victims. 

While transporting the animal to the hospital my daughter knew the Sea Gull would not make it. She nonchalantly told us "The Sea Gull needs to go to heaven. Bird's can't live without their wings". She was not sad - but just matter of fact. 

This of course enraged son because he so wanted the Sea Gull to live. When we left the Bird Hospital (which by the way was amazing) we had to explain to him that though the Sea Gull did not live - we removed him from harm and additional pain and suffering. We also told him that although hate ultimately was responsible for the Sea Gull’s death - the Gull was surrounded by people who respected and loved him in the end.

So.... As a result I have written a letter to bring awareness to the B.E.A. K., The Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the County Sheriff and the Exotic Bird Hospital.  Also, my husband is now volunteering with B.E.A.K. an association that helps birds in our town.

In Ted Andrews book “Animal Speaks” he says that the keynote meaning of sea gull is Responsible Behavior and Communication.  This is certainly what happened here and for all to see.

I say BRAVO this young family who took the imitative to speak and give voice to Nature. We need more leaders like you!!!

Arizona Story:  Nataya, today I went outside to just sit and I noticed this hummingbird kept flying past me and sitting by my head. Well, when the hummingbird kept flying in my face, I was like ok, what would Nataya do? Of course she would say, Ask it what are you trying to tell me!  So that's what I did. I say what? And she goes down to where her baby somehow tried to fly but fell. Then she showed us the second one. We made a makeshift nest and put them by a bush she kept going to. We couldn't find the actual nest. But the mom knows where they are and is feeding them.

Thought I'd let you know that since Friday my children and I have been taking care of the two baby hummingbirds, along with the momma. At night we bring them in and during the day she comes back and feeds them. Well the last two nights (we call him Twiddle Dumb), he keeps trying to fly and fly's off far enough to not be found until morning. Whereas, Twiddle Dee, stays in the comfort of his box and nest we created. This morning we, again, found Twiddle Dumb in the bush and he flies, and falls. But each time he gets back up and fly's higher and higher, until he finally made it up into the tree. We have tried to encourage Twiddle Dee to fly but he just shows no interest.

I used these two birds as an example for the kids and told them that one bird (no matter how hard or how many times he has fallen) keeps getting back up and tries each time, and each time gets higher and higher. So you can either live life in the safety of the box (nest), or you can pick yourself up after each time you fall, because eventually you will fly. Life is meant to fly, not stay in our comfort zone.

It has been amazing, though, to work with the momma in keeping her babies safe until they are ready to leave the nest. She comes back each morning and feeds them all day.  She knows us now; so much so that she doesn't move if the kids are right next to the babies when its time to feed. She will just go feed them and fly back off.

Now my goal is to get Twiddle Dee out of his comfort zone and start to try to fly, and be where he was always meant to be. 

Again, I say BRAVO to these families for paying attention and listening to the Voices of Nature and being the leaders that are needed in this time.

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