Friday, May 16, 2014

Wolf Medicine

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to a local wolf sanctuary by a couple of dear friends.

I was amazed at how these animals are extremely loving and affectionate.  

We were allowed to go into their enclosure with the owner whose name is Healing Wolf, accompanying us.  We were led to sit on top of their den.  The male wolf jumped on top with us; he could hardly contain himself…he was full of enthusiasm and greeted us with kisses and pawing us in a gesture of welcoming us.   The alpha male is in front of me. I am holding his front paw so that he wouldn’t scratch me in his excitement.  The alpha female is behind me nuzzling me and stealing kisses on my cheek. What an honor to be accepted with such enthusiasm and pure love.

We asked all kinds of questions and I found of interest that Healing Wolf, the owner, says that they greet the sun every morning as it rises with wolf howls. Also, I surprised to learn that their fur did not smell.  They are very clean animals.

And it was also interesting to note that they have disagreements just like us humans, we were warned that when you see the snarling and bared teeth…it's time for humans to leave the enclosure lest you become enmeshed in their quarrels and family disciplines.

As we departed they ran ahead of us to the gate…I noticed that they do not run like canines.  They have a distinctive gait like a lope similar to that of a horse that is galloping.  

We left with our hearts filled with awe and so much love for these animals.  Wolf Medicine teaches us to be loyal, loving and patient with each other.  

What incredible beings. Perhaps that's why I use the wolf deck for my readings.  I feel a very strong connection to them.

I will definitely go again and again!!! Aho!
Nataya Crow
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